Women Who Travel Podcast: The Innate Beauty of Accents, with Lake Bell

LB: Okay.

LA: … it is really the silent G I assume is a lot of what generally catches my ear. You have an, uh, partnership to a language from increasing up or, you know, from family members customers or f- pals or a thing that you get like a Spidey-perception when you hear it. And if I am strolling-

Lake Bell: Certainly.

LA: … down the street, uh, my ears will normally decide up the Turkish people today-

LB: Yeah [laughs].

LA: … and I will not likely notice any person else.

LB: Yeah, so you happen to be laser concentrated. Yeah.

LA: Yeah.

LB I imagine that is seriously attention-grabbing. I imagine the- the Gs, that is… Ok. Yeah, there- there are issues like, you know, my stepmother, she hailed from Philadelphia, so her full loved ones had these Philadelphia, um, like they say wooder as an alternative of h2o, so wooder. And that oo, that tiny seem for me, I am like, I can place that, you know, I could be like examining, texting, listening to new music and I can listen to it, [laughs] you know?

LA: Yeah.

LB: And I’m like, “Oh, you Philly?” You know, like promptly.

LA: [laughs]

LB: Uh, “What section of Philly you from,” you know? So then, you know, uh, exact with, you know, occasionally when persons are trying to variety of conceal their sound. Like specially in- in the United kingdom when they are like, their feigning a tiny little bit more southern and posh or whatever, but then you hear specific vowels expose them selves. Or, you know, alternatively of T-H, a small F, you know? Individuals form of issues.

LA: It really is essentially amusing you mention that and it is really humorous you pointed out a Welsh accent, simply because my mom is Welsh and grew up in Wales-

LB: Hmm.

LA: … but appears accurately like me for the reason that my grandmother, who was Welsh, forced all her young children to speak in a English accent. I assume since she thought it would give them some sort of larger commence in the environment if they experienced the Queen’s English relatively than a Welsh accent, which is a beautiful accent. Welsh is stunning.

LB: Th- this is the main of what I obtain so curious in the caste process and the variety of hierarchical system that we’re still adhering to even in our modern days. We have our model of generalized American news broadcast accent.

Speaker 5: That’s the perspective of the president, that’s the view of the secretary of protection and there is certainly no reason any person should really believe or else.

LB: This is what authority appears like. This is what electricity and energy, and wealth, in a way, seems like, suitable? That I have a bone to decide with, mainly because I feel that, me way too, I grew up in New York and my mother, you know, it was just a different time. She grew up in Long Island, but she seems like a information media broadcast, okay. And she, when I would occur property and I would be like, “Ay, that guy’s kinda stupid,” you know or regardless of what, or like, “What that,” you know, like, “I never wanna speak, you know, I will not wanna chat to that male,” you know. She’d be like, “Um, no.” [laughs]