TikTok Users Love the Viral “Sticky Method” For Covering Acne and Dark Spots — See Video

“The sticky system would make overall feeling,” suggests make-up artist Jamie Greenberg. “Creating the sticky canvas grips onto your concealer and can make it a minimal tackier and heavier. This is improved for remaining place above your zit or blemish, and by not blending, you are retaining the coverage much more pigmented.” As soon as you’ve used foundation to even out your skin tone, the concealer is less apparent. “It is a far more responsible way to keep that significant coverage in spot alternatively than spreading the concealer about,” claims Greenberg.

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Greenberg endorses Pür 4-in-1 Sculpting Concealer particularly for its hefty-responsibility nature. “Tapping heavier concealer on to the blemish will help it meld with your skin devoid of dispersing the coverage. If you mix it about, the pigment spreads and sheers out a lot more, fairly than staying in the 1 spot,” she clarifies of the “no mixing” method. “For challenging imperfections, you want that hefty protection. If you are just striving to brighten beneath the eyes, for instance, then it makes perception to blend the concealer out.”

If you happen to be pondering of attempting the sticky system at household, Greenberg recommends a “less-is-additional” strategy to makeup. “You feel you require a good deal of concealer but you do not you can normally layer if you genuinely want much more protection, but start off gentle,” she claims. “If you place also a great deal on it can get cakey. By employing primer followed by a superior quality concealer, you should not need to have a good deal to get the position carried out.”

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The sticky technique may well glimpse like magic, but dermatologists have mixed emotions about the layers-on-levels type for acne-inclined skin. “With the sticky system, just about every layer of solutions tends to make the other layer adhere greater to it,” points out Mamina Turegano, MD, a Lousiana-centered board-certified dermatologist. A hyaluronic acid serum can be sticky or tacky with a thick more than enough layer ahead of it dries. This makes it simpler for a primer to ‘stick’ to the pores and skin. The silicone or dimethicone in the primer also the concealer to then stick even improved.” 

You’ll want to also deal with the root lead to of zits, not just cover it up. ‘I’m a believer that the a lot less primer and make-up you have on your skin when dealing with zits, the much better it is for the acne,” Dr. Turegano says. “There are definitely primers and foundations out that there are less most likely to clog pores. But if you have pimples, I would depend fewer on this method and work more on treating the pimples.”