The Best Ahri Skins In League Of Legends

Ahri is one of the oldest and most iconic champions in League of Legends. Her 2023 ASU, or Art and Sustainability Update, completely overhauled her visual effects, enhancing how this nine-tailed fox and all of her skins look on Summoner’s Rift.

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Ahri has a plethora of skins that can be instantly purchased to customize her appearance, as well as two Prestige skins that can only be obtained with Mythic Essence. If you want to charm your opponents with the best Ahri skins, check out the ranking below.

As Ahri’s Prestige skins are not instantly obtainable with RP, they will not be included in this ranking.


15 Challenger Ahri

A split image of Ahri from League of Legends, featuring the splash art and model from her Challenger skin.

Challenger Ahri was one of the first skins that not only delivered a fresh new outfit for the champion, but also implemented unique ability effects. The skin itself changes Ahri’s tails from white to dark shades of pink and purple, while also featuring a black and white outfit.

While this skin was certainly incredible when it was first launched, this modern update simply falls short of her other skins. The outfit feels out of place on Ahri, and the crown on her head clashes with her fox ears, creating an unflattering silhouette.

14 Academy Ahri

A split image of Academy Ahr, a skin from League of Legends. Showcases the splash art and the model

Academy Ahri transforms this nine-tailed fox into a student with orange tails. On top of this color change, Ahri exchanges her classic outfit for a school uniform made up of a plaid skirt and a white suit jacket, as well as a new dark pink hairstyle.

While this skin certainly fulfills the fantasy of turning Ahri into a student, there are no updated ability effects. Even with modern upgrades, there is very little that separates this skin from Ahri’s classic model.

13 Popstar Ahri

A split image of Popstar Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Popstar Ahri lives up to its name, morphing Ahri from a mystical spirit into a modern pop star complete with a microphone and flashy new ability effects. The skin changes her tails to light pink, and she dons a stylish purple hat and jacket instead of her usual attire.

While this skin is certainly stunning, the inclusion of two newer skin lines that also transform Ahri into a pop star makes this version somewhat redundant.

12 Dynasty Ahri

A split image of Dynasty Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

In her Dynasty skin, Ahri trades her classic outfit for a traditional Korean Hanbok. Her outfit still takes on modern influences, with a shorter cut to the dress and hot pink coloring, as well as a slight recolor to her tails.

This is certainly a beautiful skin inspired by real-world fashion, but the lack of new ability effects makes this iteration of Ahri fall behind other choices. With that being said, Dynasty Ahri is still a great choice if you simply want to change up her fashion.

11 Classic Ahri

A split image of Ahri's Classic skin from League of Legends, featuring her splash art and model

Surprisingly, Ahri’s updated classic skin has become an incredibly elegant option for any mid-lane matchup. After her visual update, Ahri keeps her iconic red and white outfit that matches perfectly with her nine tails. Furthermore, her updated visual effects and a brand-new ultimate animation make Classic Ahri truly stand out from other champions’ basic skins.

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Since Classic Ahri is the champion’s base skin, every player that has her unlocked has instant access to this skin. While there are certainly more flashy options, it is simply impossible to hate the model that inspired all of her other skins.

10 Midnight Ahri

A split image of Midnight Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Midnight Ahri is another skin that focuses on changing the champion’s outfit and hairstyle. In this rendition, Ahri wears a dark winter coat complete with fur accents, and a windswept new hairstyle. Her white tails are also changed to reflect the outfit, with a dark purple ombre that fades into a soft lavender color.

Similar to skins like Dynasty or Academy, Ahri does not get any new visual effects when she casts her abilities in this skin. However, the fabulous new outfit makes Ahri look enchanting, cementing this skin as a great option if you want you are looking for a new outfit.

9 Foxfire Ahri

A split image of Foxfire Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Foxfire Ahri is another older skin that has been updated to modern standards. In this skin, Ahri wears a new black and red outfit that matches her red hair and ears. Ahri’s tails have also been updated, changing the color to a bright orange that glows with a fiery effect.

This skin also updates Ahri’s visual effects, changing her blue abilities into orange fireballs. Overall, this updated skin fits in nicely with all of her skins and is a great option if you want to turn Ahri into a fire-wielding fox.

8 K/DA Ahri

A split image of K/DA Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

K/DA Ahri marks an interesting new development for League of Legends, with Riot dropping a skin line that coincides with a fictitious pop group made up of characters from the game. In this girl group, named K/DA, Ahri is the lead singer and her skin certainly lives up to this fantasy. Ahri is wearing a completely new black outfit that matches her band members, has dyed blond hair, and new crystallized tails that change colors.

On top of these cosmetic changes, K/DA Ahri also has unique ability effects that play different beats of the girl group’s lead single, POP/STARS. This skin is a fantastic example of the creativity within the League of Legends skin team and is a great option for anyone that wants to become a superstar.

7 Arcade Ahri

A split image of Arcade Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Arcade Ahri is a skin that has truly withstood the test of time, showcasing how skins can completely transform a champion. In this instance, Ahri’s outfit has been inspired by classic arcade games and tropes, such as her earphones and mana potion. Ahri’s tails are also influenced by the skin, subtly changing color while you play.

This skin also features great sound design and brand-new visual changes to her abilities. Ahri’s iconic orb of deception has been transformed to match the arcade aesthetic, and her mystical sound effects have also been changed to classic sounds from arcade games.

6 K/DA All Out Ahri

A split image of K/DA All Out Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Not to be confused with the original K/DA skin, All Out is another musical skin that follows the launch of the pop group’s second album. For this, Ahri got another K/DA skin that changes up her overall look and ability effects.

Ahri now has dyed her hair pink and wears a new blue and white outfit. Furthermore, her tails are still crystallized and match the lighter pastels found in the All Out color palette.

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K/DA All Out is another fantastic Ahri skin that delivers a global superstar fantasy. Similar to her other K/DA skin, this rendition also contains portions of K/DA’s song, MORE, that plays throughout her abilities and backing animation.

5 Elderwood Ahri

A split image of Elderwood Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

In the Elderwood skin line, champions are transformed into mythical creatures inspired by nature and fantasy. Ahri’s Elderwood skin is no exception, with her dropping her usual attire for a two-piece made up of leaves and flowers. Ahri also decorates her new dark red hair with a flower crown, and her tails have changed to pink and green to reflect her new colorings.

Elderwood Ahri also reinvents her visual ability effects, with all of her abilities containing flowers that she uses to harm her enemies. If you love mystical fantasy, then Elderwood Ahri is the go-to skin for you.

4 Star Guardian Ahri

A split image of Star Guardian Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Star Guardian Ahri is the first of two legendary skins that Ahri has received over the years. In League of Legends, legendary skins are more expensive than ordinary skins but contain a complete overhaul of the character’s in-game model and effects. Star Guardian Ahri transforms this fox into an anime-inspired character and even gives her a fluffy companion.

On top of this new outfit, Ahri has completely new and unique animations in this skin, as well as new visual effects that match her pastel aesthetic. While this legendary skin will always be one of Ahri’s greatest, the overarching visual update only tweaked the skin’s face, leaving some hardcore Ahri fans disappointed.

3 Arcana Ahri

A split image of Arcana Ahri from League of Legends, showcasing her splash art and model

Arcana Ahri takes the champion in an entirely new and refreshing direction as her typical aesthetic is exchanged for an astrological fantasy. This skin line focuses on transforming champions into the manifestations of tarot cards and features a red, black, and gold aesthetic. A tarot card can be seen within Ahri’s orb of deception, and she wears a new outfit that masks her face and contrasts with her white hair.

Arcana Ahri really stands out from her other skins, because the darker color palette shifts her into a completely new direction. Furthermore, the visual update has greatly improved this skin, with new ultimate animations that make her glow a powerful shade of gold as she destroys her enemies.

2 Coven Ahri

A split image of Coven Ahri from League of Legends, featuring her splash art and model

Similar to Arcana, the Coven skin line is another aesthetic that completely transforms Ahri into a villainous sorceress. While Ahri was certainly never designed to be a hero, this skin line exchanges her white and red robes for dark blacks and purples that accent her dark magics. She also has a new black and blond hairstyle that matches her outfit and dark purple tails perfectly.

This skin does not just provide excellent stylistic changes, since the new ability effects really complement the skin. Ahri now throws an orb of deception with a skull in its center, and her ultimate ability leaves behind mythical beasts when she dashes. This skin is an excellent choice for anyone that wants to live out their fantasy of turning Ahri into a powerful witch.

1 Spirit Blossom Ahri

A split image of Spirit Blossom Ahri from League of Legends, showing her human and fox forms and her splash art.

Unsurprisingly, Spirit Blossom Ahri reigns supreme as the best skin money can buy, even after her visual update. This legendary skin features a pastel color palette of pink, white, and blue that elevates Ahri into a mythical spirit. Like her other legendary skin, Spirit Blossom also has a completely reworked model and visual effects that only add to the folklore that surrounds this skin line.

One of the greatest aspects of Spirit Blossom Ahri is her ability to turn into a fox when she uses her ultimate, initiates a recall, or leaves her base. Turning into a fox throughout your animations really elevates this skin above all others, and provides a great fantasy for anyone that loves spiritual mythology.

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