The Beauty of Silver Hair: Why Churches Need Older Women

Someday in late 2009, on a chilly winter early morning in Dubai (even now 90 levels!), Mack and his wife, Leeann, came up to me in the again of our church’s worship centre. They communicated their intention to be a part of our church-planting group operating to create a new church on the north facet of city. They had been the 1st to do so. As the months unfolded, Mack, as a founding elder, undoubtedly performed a big job in the new plant. His evangelistic zeal and joyful management proved contagious. Having said that, Leeann was the unsung hero.

Over the a long time, as a result of Leeann’s leadership and discipleship, a range of gals matured and started to lead Bible research with other ladies in the course of the church. A single of these leaders is named Content (whose character matches her title brilliantly). Satisfied has due to the fact returned to her residence in South Africa and has ongoing her ministry there, but throughout the initial 10 years of our church plant, Leeann led our women’s ministry and then handed the baton of leadership over to Happy. The religious fruit was tangible and beautiful.

“No make a difference the predominant generational demographic of a church, older females are always a blessing.”

I would in no way phone either of these ladies “old,” but they are certainly more mature than me and more mature than most in our congregation. In an natural environment wherever pretty much all expatriates depart our city to retire in their residence nation, more mature associates are a distinctive blessing to our demographically younger congregation. Still no issue the predominant generational demographic of a church, more mature gals are often a blessing.

More mature Gals Instruct Young Gals

Leeann, Content, and lots of other women of all ages have modeled what the apostle Paul wrote to Pastor Titus:

More mature women of all ages also are to be reverent in conduct, not slanderers or slaves to significantly wine. They are to train what is superior, and so train the young women to really like their husbands and kids, to be self-controlled, pure, doing the job at dwelling, sort, and submissive to their possess husbands, that the phrase of God may possibly not be reviled. (Titus 2:3–5)

Neither male elders, male preachers, nor the phrase of God alone negate the require for older ladies to train younger women in the church. Each church needs older females who will model godliness and train younger females to abide by their case in point.


Initial, faithful older women model godliness and Christlike humility. They are reverent in behavior. They wander with God, and out of their connection with God they design Christ to the other women of all ages in the church. Alongside with these good descriptions, Paul presents two examples of irreverent actions they are to avoid. Equally places indicate a deficiency of self-command.

More mature women are not to be slanderers. More mature gals product what it implies to guard their mouths by not gossiping and harming the church. Our words carry good energy, and a sensible more mature woman reminds youthful ladies of the reality of Proverbs 12:18: “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the sensible delivers therapeutic.” An more mature female glorifies her Savior and offers grace to people who listen to her when she does not let any unwholesome text occur out of her mouth, but only what builds up, as matches the celebration (Ephesians 4:29).

More mature women are not to be slaves to a lot wine. In other phrases, more mature gals are self-managed. Alcoholic beverages does not enslave them, nor do the standard preoccupations of this world. They stay reasonable, commendable life that other women in the church can emulate.


Second, more mature gals are to instruct younger girls “what is good” (Titus 2:3). As a substitute of speaking slanderous phrases, they prepare young ladies to treatment well for their spouse and children and property. Older ladies have a myriad of wisdom to share with youthful women of all ages about singleness, marriage, parenting, and other facets of everyday living. Regardless of one’s situation, older ladies have very likely walked the same paths more youthful gals are now strolling. This training involves a study of how to love their husbands and children and what accurate biblical submission appears to be like like. Such topics can not be relegated to a classroom they contain lifestyle-on-life discipleship.

This instructing Paul has in thoughts also contains locations like self-command and living pure lives in kindness. And older women teach all of this “that the word of God could not be reviled” (Titus 2:5) — that the godliness of a church’s women of all ages will exhibit the goodness of God.

More mature girls are desired to provide all over the local church. They are desired to satisfy with other women of all ages in their residences for Bible scientific tests. They are essential to educate other women in general public and private. They are desired to fulfill 1 on just one (or in tiny groups) in intentional discipleship interactions. It is one of my greatest joys of pastoring to listen to when folks in the church fulfill with one another simply just to open the term and study jointly.

Older Gals Bless the Full Church

While God calls men to direct and preach in neighborhood churches, godly more mature women tutor the whole church by way of their trustworthy ministry, their commendable illustration, and their Scripture-shaped phrases. As all watch their godly instance of training and teaching young generations, the consequence is infectious. Some others in the church see their ministry and are challenged to follow in their route as they observe Christ.

“Godly more mature girls tutor the whole church by way of their trustworthy ministry.”

By their illustration, older women instruct the complete church. I however don’t forget finding out from Leeann and Content about godly speech. They were usually sluggish to speak, but at the very same time, they have been brief to compliment and encourage. Their illustration continue to issues me to establish up my fellow church users with God’s word. Together with people two, I simply cannot rely how numerous discussions or testimonies I’ve heard from older gals in our church that have encouraged me individually as a pastor and as a Christian.

I’m so grateful for Leeann and Delighted and the very long legacy of sages with silver hair who have blessed our church. I am grateful for their ministry to the youthful females, but I am specifically grateful for the effects they’ve had on the overall church. They have taught me about residing a godly lifestyle and equipping the future generation.

Pastors, church leaders, and church customers, we would all do properly to study from the more mature ladies in our congregations. They have a great deal to train us about daily life, ministry, and godliness.