The 12 Best Trendy Sneakers of 2023

I don’t believe in resolutions, but if I did, I would promise to update my sneaker collection in 2023. This year is about honing in on the specific pairs that will elevate any outfit. So I chatted with the experts to discern which trends are worth spending your money on for the year ahead.

“For 2023, sneaker trends are falling within three categories, says Kendall Becker (opens in new tab), the Fashion & Beauty Trends Editor at Trendalytics (opens in new tab). “It-girl approved, retro runners, and futuristic kicks.” Ahead, Becker breaks down every sneaker trend for 2023 and what shoppers should look for when upping their sneaker game, offering trend insights that you need to know about before they become popular so you can snag a few for yourself.