The 11 Best Eyeshadows for Hazel Eyes, According to Makeup Artists and Editors

If you’ve ever looked into a pair of hazel eyes, we’re willing to bet you were entranced. The eye color is typically a combination of greens, golds, and browns and the result is mesmerizing. Just look to hazel-eyed celebrities like Ana de Armas, Lily Collins, and Kristen Stewart for proof of their hypnotic power. If accentuating your eyes is at the top of your beauty wishlist, hazel-eyed beauties can really have fun with their eyeshadow thanks to their multitude of eye colors. 

Pro makeup artist Tonya Riner says as much: “Hazel eyes are a combination of warm bronzes and cool greens, which means you have a range of eyeshadow options to play with,” she explains to Marie Claire. With a range of flattering eyeshadow shades at their disposal, those with hazel eyes have the unique option to accentuate their different eye colors.