The 10 Best Protein Treatments For Natural Hair

We all know that taking care of your hair involves far more than simply choosing the right shampoo and conditioner—particularly when you have natural hair. When you have textured hair, it’s particularly important to choose leave-in conditioners, shampoos, masks, and scalp treatments that moisture and clarify your strands so that your hair can look its bounciest and healthiest. And in addition to moisture, your hair also needs protein to look its very best—something that should be addressed in your diet, but can also be supplemented through the use of a protein treatment (keratin, for instance, is a well-known protein). 

“Hair is naturally made of protein, so when your hair lacks it, it’s important to restore it with the protein it needs,” says Kiara Brumfield, a chemist and cosmetologist who works in Product Development at Universal Beauty Products. “Protein treatments are a great way to repair hair strength and prevent breakage, which in turn can contribute to hair retention.”