Ten Things I Wish I Knew When I Started ‘Cyberpunk 2077,’ 2022 Edition

Cyberpunk 2077 is back again, and with it, a massive surge of new players that have just caused it to beat The Witcher 3’s all-time playercount on Steam. As this kind of, I figured it was time to warp back again to December 2020 when I to start with wrote this “things I wish I knew” listing, to see what’s adjusted, what I can recycle, and what I need to have to add.

A lot of parts of assistance I give are still true. Some have been rendered bogus as of this earlier week (transmog exists now!). So let’s go via them, and with any luck , this will aid you as you get started or restart your journey.

1. The Differences Involving Start And Now (new for 2022)

Here, I am likely to reference a much larger write-up I wrote detailing the key alterations of just about every significant patch the video game has absent via since start. It’s a massive, large array of items, in which in addition to hundreds of bug fixes and general performance improves, we have new guns, clothes, autos flats, missions in addition to factors like police and pedestrian and enemy AI modifications. It’s…a large amount, and eventually, the factors that now is the minute to return.

2. Your Existence Route Does Not Subject (exact as 2020)

File this under “broken CDPR claims,” but truthfully, do not tension about which lifestyle route you opt for because in the long run, it actually does not matter at all. Exterior of a very, incredibly small intro mission and conversation choices that do not fundamentally alter everything in the course of the tale, all the lifetime paths, Nomad, Road Child and Corpo, produce effectively the exact same V and do not affect any of the main storylines or endings in any way. I’m indicating this below for the reason that I have heard of men and women setting up more than for the reason that they preferred to be one origin over one more right after the intro, but have faith in me, it’s simply just not really worth the difficulties.

3. Contemplate Starting On A Better Issues (exact same as 2020, and even with issue rebalancing, “normal” is however a bit quick, if you request me)

Cyberpunk can be very enjoyment, and however it is not a quite well-balanced recreation. I enjoy most online games on Usual to get started with, but incredibly early on I located that I was blowing via all enemies with very little threat of dying. But even Quite Difficult will not actually pose a obstacle if you swap to it afterwards in the sport when you are a lot more strong (2022 Update: Extremely Tough is more difficult now). In brief, I would in all probability recommend taking part in on a problems one particular bigger than you would normally from the begin. Normal to Difficult, Difficult to Extremely Difficult.

3. Get Leaping Cyberware As Quickly As Attainable (very same as 2020)

This is a major 1. Although the sport in no way seriously tells you to do this, I completely advise getting on your own one particular of the two leaping-primarily based leg cyberware updates that do not expense that much, but fundamentally remodel the way the whole activity is played. I opted for the double soar for my motion primarily based melee develop, but the demand leap will get you higher. It transforms every come upon, not just in open fight, but even for a stealth establish, the leap by yourself will get you accessibility to locations you could never ever arrive at in any other case for infiltration. Certainly the most essential upgrade you can get.

4. It Is Pretty Tough To Spec Improper (same as 2020, and now respec-ing prices have been considerably lessened)

Truthfully, I would not tension about going down the “wrong tree” in conditions of combat in Cyberpunk. As I reported, the difficulty of the video game tends to make it such that you can be stupidly overpowered if you concentrate on any spot of beat, and there are no completely wrong alternatives. I would say the most effective builds to aim on are blades, hacking and pistols for just one-shot revolver builds. But other guns and blunt melee can perform wonderful too. Pick something, dedicate to it, and you will most likely have sufficient points by the close to try anything else way too. Also you can respec perk details at ripperdocs for a price tag that has been patched reduce about time.

5. Throwing Knives Are Practical Now (new for 2022)

At launch, you could get the means to toss knives, but it was the most hilariously negative process at any time, as you’d have to run more than and decide on up the knife and if you misplaced it, you experienced to craft a new 1, which was difficult/highly-priced for substantial degree knives. Perfectly, in one particular of the earlier patches, CDPR absolutely revamped the entire thought of throwing knives, building it a system exactly where the knife will instantly return to your hand, and new knives will “recharge” a lot quicker. In small, it’s possible to make a stealthy, knife-throwing ninja construct in a way that it was not at launch now.

6. You Can Come across The Very best Car In The Activity For Free of charge (very same as 2020, car or truck costs have been diminished but couple are well worth getting when you can get this a single for free)

Autos, particularly the excellent kinds, in Cyberpunk are really costly, but the recreation has concealed a couple cost-free fantastic cars and trucks in missions or on the map, together with what I would think about the best automobile in the recreation, the Caliburn, in essence a Bugatti, and it is just sitting down there ready to be taken. Here’s how to get that, which can primarily be completed at any time. Or else a distinct colored version of it expenditures like $150K.

7. You Are Not Locked Into Your V’s Appear Any Much more (new for 20220)

Because launch, Cyberpunk 2077 has now added the capacity to change things like your hairstyle and makeup in the mirror in your condominium, and with the last patch, the capacity to truly reshape your total experience yet again like with the character creator at Ripperdocs. Much as I can convey to, the only point you nevertheless are not able to improve soon after the reality are your tattoos. The recreation has also just introduced a real transmog method where by you can make outfits for on your own at your condominium, and those will override the glimpse of the equipment that you’re wearing for their stats and mods. No far more seeking like a trash monster, which was not the case for the previous two a long time.

8. This Is Why Judy Or Panam Is Rejecting You (exact same as 2020)

I do not think about this a spoiler, but I just don’t want you to get your hopes up about two unique NPCs, as you will likely get rejected by a single if you pursue a romantic marriage with them, and the sport does not describe why. But it is nothing at all you did mistaken.

In shorter, Judy, the BD editor, is only romanceable by woman Vs, although Panam, the Nomad, is only romanceable by male Vs. No issue what story conclusions you make, this does not transform, so just know that your “choice” is essentially predetermined. And if you favor men, River is only romanceable by feminine Vs and Kerry is only romanceable by male Vs. Ain’t a ton of possibilities, and you will have to settle for becoming mates exterior of these distinct paths.

9. Loot the Yorinobu Penthouse (new for 2022)

In hoping to figure out new issues to insert to this, I discovered one that I have skipped for two decades. In the course of the heist mission with Jackie, there is a secret rooftop space you can access in Yorinobu’s penthouse that will get you a unwell katana and a datapad. Also in the penthouse by itself is an iguana egg you can steal (this was extra in patch 1.5) and afterwards hatch in your apartment.

10. Accessing The Key Ending Hinges On A Single Discussion With Johnny (same as 2020 and I even now hate that they did this)

Now we do have to kind of get into spoiler territory below, but I’ll continue to keep it light. In brief, there is a top secret ending of Cyberpunk 2077 that many take into account the “best” 1. I will not say what it is, but it necessitates you to raise your relationship % with Johnny to 70% (it’s in the principal menu in the center). Unusually, this hinges on really, quite particular dialogue choices you make through just one mission, in addition to doing most other Johnny-similar side missions. You will know the mission when you get to it (in the oil fields) and these are the conversation possibilities you will have to choose to get the ending. Or else you will pretty much have to replay the overall sport to “do it appropriate.”

So, there’s the update. Love!

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