Sky: Children of the Light updated to Version 0.19.5

Time of AURORA Concert and Updates

Prepare to be immersed in the Season of AURORA live performance! Premiering at 20:30 on Thursday December 8 (all moments PST, UTC -8), this unparalleled experience connects countless numbers of gamers in just one live performance venue as a result of a shared musical voyage by way of the coronary heart of Sky. Everyone is invited to take part—no order or minimal Time development needed!

The concert countdown begins on December 8 at 17:00. Following the live performance debuts the night of December 8 at 20:30, it will be available from 00:00 December 9 and then just about every 4 several hours for the rest of the Period. The ultimate live performance will be held at 00:00 January 2, 2023.

As the begin time for the show ways, head to the Valley of Triumph’s Coliseum or communicate to the AURORA Tutorial in House to teleport there instantly. Players who get there early can test a quantity of new capabilities in the location, like Spirits ready to lend an instrument for a jam session, a place tucked away from the group to peacefully help you take in the minute, and even some Dim Crabs ready for a race.

The minimal seasonal IAP cosmetics launched in .19. will keep on to be accessible in the Coliseum after finishing the 1st Seasonal Quest or by way of the in-match store. Also, this update consists of the remaining seasonal IAP made available specially for this collaboration:

  • To the Enjoy Outfit: $9.99 (all selling prices USD)
  • Voice of AURORA: $14.99
  • Supplying In Cape: $14.99
  • Wings of AURORA: $24.99

The Voice of AURORA instrument will be in the in-match store. This instrument features AURORA’s real voice, brought to the style of the recreation so that Sky small children can sing tracks of their personal. The remaining seasonal IAP will be in the Coliseum. The Offering In Cape and to the Love Outfit turn out to be out there at 17:00 December 8, throughout the countdown to the concert’s debut.

The Wings of AURORA cape will become obtainable immediately after finishing all Seasonal Quests and using element in the live performance. This merchandise presents the wearer and the good friends they hold palms with a distinctive means to teleport to the Coliseum and view the concert in 1 of its 6 time slots, even after the Year finishes. The possibility to replay the concert will be enabled in the expression menu whilst in the Coliseum. Choose that alternative to be taken to the model of the Coliseum geared up for the concert—the pre-live performance activities will be readily available right before the commence of the present, far too.

By attending the concert all through the Season and completing all Seasonal Quests, players will also have the opportunity to unlock particular minimal seasonal cosmetics from the AURORA Guide’s Friendship Tree using in-recreation currency. No Year Pass or other purchase is needed for these collaboration products.

  • Cure For Me Mask: 50 Candles
  • Overcome For Me Outfit: 200 Candles

Free trial spells will be available for the new seasonal collaboration IAPs. All seasonal IAP and in-sport forex merchandise presented for the AURORA collaboration will be out there until eventually the Year ends at 02:00 January 2, 2023. Please observe that considering that all these products are part of a restricted collaboration, they will not be offered at the time the Season is more than and are not scheduled to return in foreseeable future yrs.

Time of AURORA concludes at 02:00 January 2, 2023 (there will not be Seasonal Candles in the realms throughout these closing two hours of the Period, since it is not a complete working day. Remember to note that the time the Time finishes has been up-to-date from the initial announcement for the .19. patch notes to healthy the closing live performance). The Seasonal Quests that convey the stories of the 4 AURORA spirits will carry on to be offered unchanged immediately after the Year finishes, and the 4 Seasonal Spirits will return with their items as Traveling Spirits in the potential.

Throughout the concert there are moments of vibrant and/or flashing lights, like the visible consequences that arise when other players use calls and emotes during the demonstrate. Be sure to use discretion when deciding upon to take part.

Times of Feast Returns

Celebrate the conclusion of the year in Sky with silvery snow and common faces! From 00:00 Monday December 19 until finally 23:59 Sunday January 8, 2023 (all times PST, UTC-8), Times of Feast returns with a array of pursuits to get pleasure from during the realms.

In Valley of Triumph, new adjustments have been added to the Village of Dreams and Hermit Valley for the celebration. For illustration, discover a new setup to produce a Skyball video game with friends, or hold an eye out for the Bearhug Hermit Spirit who will surface periodically in the Village—once you locate them, you might find their magical potential to renovate your overall look.

Gamers who have completed all Year of Desires quests will be able to accumulate Light-weight falling from the sky as the young skating Spirit tactics their greatest moves—after Times of Feast is above, this Light-weight will surface when this Spirit sometimes returns through the 7 days. In the meantime, in the Hermit Valley area there’s a new long-lasting race for gamers with a require for speed, or Light, or the two.

Equally Residence and the Magic formula Place available from Vault of Knowledge are part of the celebration as well. The Key Place is open up for all to get pleasure from themed decor and possibly some helpful competitors on the ice. Property will also be transformed as a blizzard little by little rolls as a result of. About distinctive phases all through the occasion, players can get up to a selected sum of Light that falls gently from the sky, or that glows from a cozy fireplace in a snow hut as soon as it opens up.

When New Year’s Day approaches, get prepared to rejoice the start of 2023 with a brief hourly fireworks show in Household that marks the get started of the New Year for every single time zone. Fireworks start off at 02:00 December 31, 2022 (midnight January 1 for Kiribati), until finally 04:00 January 1, 2023 (midnight January 1 for Howland Island).

Players interested in mementos for the event will locate new and returning objects. Communicate to the Bearhug Hermit Function Spirit in Property to for a likelihood to unlock these:

  • Feast Goggles: 50 candles
  • Snowkid Prop: 120 candles

The comply with objects will be in the in-video game shop:

  • Tournament Skyball Established: $14.99
  • Cozy Hermit Cape: $14.99

A Skyball Set Spell will also be completely presented in the Village of Goals:

  • Skyball Set Spell: 2 Candles

All items previously provided in the past 3 yrs of Days of Feast will also be out there for players who desire to decide for a returning merchandise. They can be located by examining with Party Spirits and areas in Property and the Mystery Space.

Communicate to the Grandma Spirit in Home, or check out the cabinets of her snow hut, for the pursuing returning merchandise:

  • Ode to Pleasure audio sheet: 10 Candles
  • Winter season Feast Pillow: 10 Candles
  • Wintertime Feast Scarf: 50 Candles
  • Wintertime Feast Hat: 20 Hearts
  • Snowflake Hair Accessory: $1.99
  • Winter season Ancestor Cape: $9.99
  • Winter Feast Snow World: $9.99

In the Key Area, these products can be identified by checking in with a number of Function Spirits:

  • Feast Cape: 65 Candles
  • Feast Desk: 150 Candles
  • Feast Necktie: 15 Hearts
  • Days of Feast Pack $6.99: Consists of Feast Hat and 25 Candles
  • Times of Feast Horns: $14.99
  • Snowflake Cape: $14.99

A free of charge variation of the Tournament Skyball Established is established up in the Key Location for all gamers to delight in through Days of Feast. There will not be demo versions of the Ode to Pleasure tunes sheet or Winter Feast Pillow, but cost-free trial spells for all other IAP and in-game currency items can be located at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat in House and a cheerful snowman in the Top secret Location!

Enhancements and bug fixes in this update incorporate:

  • When hand-holding a close friend who is employing the skip emote, a bug no lengthier results in the pal to go on to skip when transitioning to another level.
  • For Spirit quests that involve you to carry a Spirit alongside its route, players can now opt for in between walking or applying the skip emote even though transferring.
  • Altered colour of the Supreme Present outfit to better match the first outfit it is centered on.
  • Fastened selected AURORA seasonal capes clipping when worn on chibi avatars.
  • Fixes for little visual glitches in AURORA seasonal hairstyles.
  • Solved an concern that prevented the Season of AURORA Runaway hairstyle and outfit from remaining giftable via Friendship Trees.
  • Updates to English and Japanese lyrics in subtitles of the 1st Seasonal Quest.
  • Graphics enhancements so that the overall look of the ramps in the Valley of Triumph race really don’t change when a participant is near to them.
  • [Switch] Blue orb no for a longer period continues to be immediately after dismissing a Spirit that was summoned from the Friendship Constellation in Household.
  • [Switch] Solved a crash that occurred in sure instances in which players made use of the carry emote.
  • Slight changes to Dark Crabs and shards at the eruption that falls in the Elevated Clearing of Concealed Forest so that it will even now be just one of the most complicated Shard Eruption to apparent, but a slightly less difficult just one.
  • No issue the mischief, havoc, or even occasional misplaced Winged Mild the Dark Crabs may possibly lead to, they did not are entitled to to be subjected to a bug that brought on the Dark Crabs more than the – Graveyard bonfire in Golden Wasteland to look to be roasted alive. Consequently, in this update we have moved them to a container previously mentioned the fire alternatively, where by they will not be issue to this kind of callous mistreatment when ready to be rescued by a merciful passing Sky kid. #savethecrabs
  • Adjustments to stability and format of Social Light at areas this sort of as the campfire in Prairie Caves.
  • Shared Memory recordings ought to now thoroughly screen a recorded avatar making use of the skip emote expression.
  • Gamers can now have up to seven good friend code invites open up at once in their Friendship Constellation.
  • Updates to credits.
  • The rock experienced been paying time with their jellyfish good friends over in Hidden Forest, making the most of the smooth grass and mild breeze. But all of the jellies continue to keep singing a wonderful melody that the rock experienced by no means heard before… Where did they find out it? Who taught them? The rock made the decision that it’s time to established out on yet another quest, to find out who designed these a stunning song.