I’m a skincare expert, here’s a free beauty treatment you can do at home – and why the rise of Botox is a ‘concern’

A SKINCARE expert has shared a no cost natural beauty cure you can do at home.

Lush co-founder and item inventor, Helen Ambrosen, has been a attractiveness professional for about 4 many years.


Lush co-founder Helen Ambrosen said the increase of botox and other extra invasive anti-growing old processes is a worry
New self-preserving moisturiser


New self-preserving moisturiser

Helen is a staunch advocate of refreshing components for the skin, and what could be additional new than what you have in your fridge and cabinets at residence?

She clarifies: “Contemporary all-natural components are the kindest to your microbiome (the important microorganisms colonising our skin) as they are elements we have co-evolved with and utilised to nourish our bodies and skin for 1000’s of several years – these are precisely the sorts of components you may locate in our clean face masks and in your fridge at home.”

And she offers her top rated suggestions for rejuvenating facial from components you have appropriate at your fingertips declaring: “A mix to make for your self is just fine floor oatmeal, honey or agave syrup if you are vegan and soya yoghurt.

“Get 50 percent a smaller cup of oatmeal and make a thick paste of this with the honey or syrup.

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“Stir in the yoghurt to make a texture which is great to smooth on to your pores and skin.

“Use to cleanse skin, chill out for 10 minutes then splash drinking water on to the confront.

“Therapeutic massage carefully to allow the oatmeal softly exfoliate then rinse away and pat dry carefully.

“This will leave the pores and skin cleanse and smooth.

“Or go to a Lush retail store and pick a stunning clean mask which we have designed for you.”

Helen also believes preservatives in skincare are performing your pores and skin no favours.

She defined: “Preservatives are biocidal elements that can be in goods for the sake of merchandise balance, not for the sake of your pores and skin.

“They have the potential to change your microbiome, specifically when you think about how quite a few preserved solutions a shopper may perhaps utilize each and every working day – cleansers, toners, moisturisers, sunscreens and make-up.

“They can also accumulate in our water techniques when they are rinsed off the pores and skin, harming aquatic daily life and having unknown penalties for human wellness.

“We have pioneered approaches to minimise our reliance on preservatives by intelligent formulation and guaranteeing products and solutions are despatched promptly from our factories directly to buyers and stores.


“They also have shorter shelf life so consumers get the freshest, most advantageous solution for their skin.

“It normally takes a large amount of do the job on our portion but this strategy permits us to use negligible amounts of preservative when wanted but also to make totally self-preserving formulations which are formulated to continue to be fresh new without them (preservatives as defined by Annex 5 of the EU Cosmetics Laws).

“In 2022, all-around 90 for each cent of our main range of items was self-preserving.”

Helen also retains the opinion that the increase of botox and other extra invasive anti-growing older techniques is a issue, specially for youthful individuals.

She explains: “It are unable to be denied that the increase in men and women – primarily youthful folks – being sold these procedures is a problem.

“There are so quite a few pressures coming from social media and marketing to glimpse a specified way or to resolve so-identified as ‘flaws’.


“Even a straightforward eyebrow shaping training at a incredibly young age can define the eyebrow shape for years to come.

“So significantly of what you feel about your skin relies upon on how you are feeling on that day, in oneself.

“That is the premise of how we converse to prospects in our retailers.

“We want to offer you reassurance and suggestions as you navigate the regular phases of daily life from puberty to menopause and help you find goods that will treatment for your pores and skin in the lengthy-term.”

Lush have also established a new peace self-preserving facial moisturiser which is ideal for all ages and is supremely softening. 

Helen reported “We have been not applying this in our facial skincare and I felt we needed to.”

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For a lighter truly feel, you can implement with clear arms to moist pores and skin and permit those gorgeous ingredients sink in. 

Lush have also included this beautiful animation to explain what self-preserving is.