How to Get Thicker Eyebrows in 3 Steps, According to Bobbi Brown

I utilised to have thick, Ali MacGraw–like eyebrows. Then I lived by way of the 1990s when all the make-up artists have been plucking brows into scarcely-there lines, so I had an individual make mine thin. Sadly, they in no way grew again. My mother’s era utilised to shave theirs off to pencil them in, and they genuinely didn’t improve back! But there are also a lot more natural explanations for thin brows as we get more mature, we lose hair all about. It is typical, but you can fake your way to fuller brows—just know that it is straightforward to overdo it, so be strategic. Here’s how.

The Brow Pencil

Jones Highway The Brow Pencil
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The Best Eyeshadow

Jones Highway The Greatest Eyeshadow
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Obtain your shade

Fill in your brows with makeup—the hue is vital. Selecting the best shade genuinely will come down to your pure eyebrow color, which is primarily the same as that of your hair. But hues have a tendency to vary between packaging and actual final results. I tell persons to consider a shade lighter than they could first look at. And if you dye your hair, the shade you pick out must mirror that hue. No 1 really should use black as a substitute, use a dark brown. If you have blonde, white, or grey strands, choose for a mild taupe-ash coloration.

Go to work

The magic of thicker-hunting brows is all about generating subtle definition. You do that by using a mild hand and producing little strokes with an eyebrow pencil to fill in the sparse components of your brows.


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I’m a make-up artist and even I assume this action can be tricky, specifically with individuals skinny pencils that demand quick, feathery, precise strokes. I use my Jones Street The Brow Pencil. It’s a fatter pencil that is quick to maintain and command and will get the work completed rapidly by creating broader lines. It is created of wonderful teeny fibers that give the illusion of thickness.

Or, if you want to have a product that pulls double obligation in your makeup bag, find an eyeshadow very similar to your purely natural hair color. You can use it on your eyes by evenly dusting it across your lids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and on your brows by dipping a slanted brush with rigid bristles into the shadow and using small strokes to mimic normal hairs. I use Jones Road Magnificence The Ideal Eyeshadow in dim brown on my eyebrows, with a sprint on my eyelids I also use it as eyeliner and to deal with up white hairs coming by means of my element. Just be confident to use a heavier or lighter hand based mostly on the place you set the shadow.

Include a finishing touch

Soon after filling in the brows, brush hair upward with a spoolie brush or an eye brush comb to blend out surplus colour and give the illusion of a brow raise. Are your eyebrows far too darkish? Alternatively of undoing all your tough perform, increase confront powder to a powder puff and then dab your brows. This helps make your hair seem lighter for a extra purely natural visual appearance.

Microblade if you dare

You can test microblading, a semi­permanent tattoo procedure in which the very small needles of a pen-like device incorporate pigment. I wished to consider it but determined not to: As soon as you do it, you are stuck with it for 3 to 6 months. Examine opinions of the practitioners in your area and glimpse at illustrations of their get the job done before producing an appointment.

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