AI-generated photos highlighting impossible beauty standards sparked a new meme

Unrealistic splendor requirements have usually been all-around, particularly around females. But when individuals expectations are pushed to their natural endpoint in the variety of AI-produced photos featuring bikini-clad women, the ensuing mockery success in a new meme.

Late very last 7 days, @heartereum posted a tweet featuring pics of many women of all ages putting on very small bikinis. The tweet has the appearance of celebrating what, for quite a few, would be an unrealistic magnificence standard to be held up to, and it is exactly the variety of tweet that would go viral and get dunked on.

“It is SO above,” the tweet reads, feeding into that mentality.

On the other hand, none of the pics in the tweet capabilities any true people in them. If you glimpse closely at the palms of the women—or, in a pair of situations, their teeth—the uncanniness stands out. Even the particular person who posted the photos admitted they ended up not authentic, while they did occur from a genuine supply.

“I necessarily mean the machine studying digested gigabytes of true pics of serious ladies, but these photos are 100% laptop created,” @heartereum replied when asked if the pics were phony.

Despite the flags indicating that the pics weren’t actual, the know-how is seemingly plenty of to idiot some folks, which turned the matter of jokes.

“i’m sorry this is so funny bc you have to be the most lame-brained cartoonishly horny fool to not immediately understand these are not true photographs so just about every time someone posts some of these they’re just telling on themselves,” @punished_cait wrote.

But what the tweet truly sparked is a entire-on take-down of AI-produced photos and all those unattainable natural beauty expectations like the ones depicted in the primary AI photos. Lots of of the memes that followed used the phrase “It is SO over” when pairing it with photographs of women of all ages produced by desktops, appear from other mediums, or flat-out never exist.

In some cases, the images ended up real or predate the AI tech having above, this sort of as the artwork for Aphex Twin’s “Windowlicker.”

Even animals had been thrown into the mix.

It doesn’t look like the increase of AI-created images will plateau or drop anytime soon, but right until then, it’ll provide at least one good objective: an easy punchline.


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*First Published: Jan 31, 2023, 1:22 pm CST

Michelle Jaworski

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Michelle Jaworski