9 Black-Owned Businesses to Buy From This Holiday Season

It goes without saying that Black creativity makes the world go round. Some of the most influential musicians, designers, makeup artists, drag queens, producers, stylists, and media personalities of the past century have all been part of the Black diaspora.

Today, the biggest (non-Black) fashion houses and beauty brands in the world shamelessly rip off, steal from, and exploit Black cultures for their own gain and profit. So, it is just as important as ever to support Black creatives paving their own way through the fashion and beauty worlds.

This holiday season, when you are shopping for your friends, family, significant others, or really anyone, consider supporting these Black designers, brands, and creatives who are pushing fashion and creativity to the next level.


This Brooklyn-based brand was founded by designer Aurora James. Their amazing footwear and apparel are handcrafted sustainably with artisans spanning from Nairobi to New York. Although you can’t go wrong with anything from the brand, these shoes are sure to please anyone who receives them.

Women’s Greg Shoe in Black Cow, $395.

 Photo via brothervellies.com.

Globe Sandals in Midnight, $735.


This London-based brand was founded by designer Martine Rose. Rose puts inspiration from her Jamaican-British heritage in all her designs. The brand has accumulated a sort of underground cult following since its debut in 2007. Here are two picks that are sure to be a pleasant surprise for anyone this holiday season.

 Photo via ssense.com.

Black & White Houndstooth Wrap Blaze, $1325.

 Photo via ssense.com.

Blue Wrap Denim Midi Skirt, $570.


Arguably one of the biggest makeup artists in recent memory, Pat McGrath is a British makeup artist who creates luxurious makeup products for everyone. The artist has been hailed as one of the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine and has received numerous awards and features since starting her career. Here are two of her best-selling products bound to make any makeup enthusiast scream with glee.

 Photo via patmcgrath.com.

Mothership IX: Huetopian Dream, $128.

 Photo via patmcgrath.com.

Lip Fetish Balm Divinyl Lip Shine, $38.


Denim Tears is a clothing brand founded by Tremaine Emory. Their focus is on artistic and abstract denim, which has landed them collaborations with Levis and Converse. The brand specializes exclusively in cotton-based clothing in an effort to reclaim the racist history of the cotton industry. Here are two pieces of clothing from the brand that make for perfect gifts this holiday season.

 Photo via ssense.com.

Black Champion Tears Edition Vest, $275. Multicolor Champion Edition Patchwork Shirt, $890.

 Photo via ssense.com.

Red Asics Edition Gel-MC Plus Sneakers, $220.


This London-based brand was founded by Bianca Saunders. The brand takes inspiration from the founder’s Jamaican and British heritage and addresses the tension between tradition, modernity, masculinity, and femininity. Here are two genderless pieces perfect for just about anyone this holiday season.

 Photo via biancasaunders.com.

Grid Print Rowdy Shirt, £450.

 Photo via biancasaunders.com.

Black Do Road Puffer Coat, £945.


This superstar brand was founded by superstar designer Telfar Clemmens. His Shopping Bag made waves in the industry and made him the designer to watch. Since then, he has continued to make waves with new unisex apparel and bags, even creating the Olympic outfits for Liberia in the past Olympic Games. The brand emphasizes it is “not for you, it’s for everyone,” making these two pieces perfect gifts for anyone.

 Photo via telfar.net.

Round Telfar Circle Bag – Black, $567.

 Photo via telfar.net.

Baggy Jean – Black, $251.


This Brooklyn-based brand was co-founded by American & Jamaican design duo Ashley Cimone and Moya Annece. The brand is focused on being an “ode to exploration” and is motivated by the way Black, Brown, and Indigenous people approach design, life, and modernity. These two bags are perfect gifts for any explorer in your life this holiday season, though you can’t go wrong with anything from the brand.

 Photo via ashya.co.

Shema Slingback Bag | Trilogy, $1,295.

 Photo via ashya.co.

Slingback Mini Bag, $1,050.


This Nigerian brand is focused on slow fashion and ethically-sourced fabrics. The brand was founded by Adebayo Oke-Lawal, who creates androgynous fashion that covers universal silhouettes with an African touch. These two pieces work for just about anyone or any gender, but of course, all of their pieces would make great gifts this holiday season.

 Photo via orangeculture.com.

Hybrid chilli dress, $367.84. (₦162,500.00)

 Photo via orangeculture.com.

Party in the back top, $244.47. (₦108,000.00)


The fashion label founded by Anifa Mvuemba is all for women without limits. Their eye-catching, color-popping designs stand out to anyone who were them. They know that women can do anything they set their minds to, and they want to help them do it… in Hanifa. These picks are bound to make any fashion lover obsessed, but anything the brand makes is best in class.

Zahra Faux Leather Coat, $899.

Sahar Sandals, $379.

Credits: Cover photo Image Credit: Mireya Acierto / Stringer, Getty Images Entertainment, via Getty Images