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November 7th. Sculptures by Ben Jones and Helen Sinclair, Oil paintings by Nia MacKeown.(Gallery 2)

Ben Jones’s sculptures evoke mountain ranges using carved and assembled rocks to create layered valleys and summits. The use of slate with its almost mystical riven grain has permitted the sculptor to envisage three-dimensional vistas, overlaying and buttressing. The tightly compressed space contained within each piece offers a depth of perspective to his sculpture unexperienced before. Cut and broken slate with stratification detailing suggests a scale change and perspective new to stone carving.

“ Ben Jones, whose profoundly moving and powerful slate sculptures only finally emerged after four decades of practice. They are, nonetheless, in their originality and urgent force, like nothing else in early 21st century British sculpture, the work of an artist who, one feels instinctively, has finally found his voice.”
Nicholas Usherwood 2019.

Helen Sinclair studied sculpture at Wimbledon School of Art (1973 – 76) and has been a full-time sculptor since 1988.
She exhibits widely throughout the UK and has work in private collections on five continents.
“I have been making sculpture for over twenty years and the process is still a delight to me. With every piece I make, I find the working process both comfortingly familiar and refreshingly surprising. Although not the only subject I work from, the human form is the one I keep coming back to. The materials I work with are as stimulating to me as the subject matter. I live by the sea and collect driftwood, discarded plastic debris and other beach-found ‘stuff’ all of which regularly introduce new and unexpected vocabulary with which to work”.


Helen Sinclair
The Journey 2

Helen Sinclair
The Journey2
H 131 x W 117 x D 38cm base 99 x 38cm
Weight 1195kg
Bronze only edition of 7 £12750

Helen Sinclair
Another door opens
H 64 x W 40 x D 13cm
Weight 19kg
Edition of 9 £4950 near the end of the edition

Helen Sinclair
Another door opens 2
Height 180 x W 64 x D 47cm
Weight 180kg
Edition of 7 £19800

Helen Sinclair
From here to eternity
H 167 x W 86 x D 28 cm
Weight 94kg
Edition of 5 £22500

Helen Sinclair
For Beauty Lives
H 62 x W 33 x D 17 cm
weight 11kg
Edition of 9 £4750

Helen Sinclair
For as long as
Height 33 x W 28 x D 20 weight 52kg

Helen Sinclair
On top of the world 2
Height 67 x 28 x 15cm
Weight 9kg
Edition of 9 £3950

Ben Jones
Passing Osprey Cader Idris Snowdonia 2016
60 x 27 x 6 cm

Ben Jones

Ben Jones
Cader Idris Snowdonia 2016
58 x 16 x 6 cm


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