Simon Jones

Simon Jones was born in 1960 in the rural Welsh town of Llandeilo. Surround by rugged landscape and historical castles, this kindled his interest in painting and architecture. . He left to study architecture at Plymouth then London (BA. AA Dip) later traveling and painting in the Far East, then living in Australia and working in Architecture. On returning to London he began his painting career in earnest, exhibiting at the New Academy and Waterman Galleries. Over the next few years he also continued with his involvement in architecture, working on watercolour visuals for the Millennium Dome, 2012 Olympics, Tate Gallery, Stanford University etc. Along the way he became a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Illustrators. He now lives back in his wonderful hometown , and continues to be inspired by the architecture and landscape.

Although Simon Jones works primarily in the fickle transient medium of watercolour , he is inspired by the timeless oil paintings of de Chirico and Hopper. To him the slanting shadows on a late afternoon townscape are as good as it gets. Ironically he prefers to paint from life, this he feels gives him the authority to try to get under the hood of a scene, and attempt a stab at something timeless. With such vague objectives it's not surprising he bins half his work. Some would say he should follow other painters metaphysical strivings in oils , not watercolour. But watercolour to him has the ability to be unpredictable , opening up unforeseen avenues ,,it's his creative partner .

Chepstow Castle Mist
16 x 10ins

Cardiff City Hall
15 x 12ins

Tenby afternoon sun
11 x 8ins

Great Hall, Cardiff Castle II
15 x 11ins

Evening, Church Street, Cardiff
11 x 8ins

Tenby Boat kids
12 x 9ins

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