Valerie Price West

Valerie Price-West graduated from Carmarthen School of Art in 2012 with First Class Honours and Student of the Year making ceramic sculptures that feature combined figurative and abstract elements relating to rowing Celtic long boats out at sea. For the last few years Valerie has been working on a new collection embracing a subject very dear to her heart.
"Since 2009 I have wanted to do a piece or a collection of work in honour of a great little horse I sadly had to put down. He was a pure bred stallion called Celtic Shadow who I met a good 20 years ago when we were looking at one of his offspring. Over the years that followed we bought five of his offspring and then miraculously managed to buy him. I think the world of all our horses but Celti was very, very special, we always felt honoured to have him living with us and everyone who met him was struck by his whole being.
This year (2014) I finally started working on this collection, I also started to think about the horses in the First World War and so the development of two bodies of work called 'Letting Go' series and 'War Horse' series. Both works are separated by the words I have put together for each piece; the 'War Horse' series paying homage to those forgotten heroes our equine comrades.
The 'Letting Go' series portrays a situation that many of us will have struggled and had to deal with and ultimately had to move on from. A heart wrenching time when you are letting go of someone dear to you. A four legged creature who you have built an unbreakable bond of trust with. To build a partnership with an animal as intelligent as the horse, who would go through fire for you because he has complete trust in you, he believed in you."
My horses and masked riders of the ‘Let The Fun Begin’ series are the guardians of all things pure and simple, their spirits ride as one, think as one, they are in-tune with one and other. They roam the lands and forests and sweep across the oceans, playing mischief to those who do wrong, who threaten the innocence, fun, happiness and laughter of all things good.

Let the fun begin, Hare

Horse II

Horse and Figure II

Valerie Price-West
Let the Fun Begin The Hare
L33 x W17 x H64 cm

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