Anna Davies

Working with oil paints and paper, Anna Davies creates unique paintings on board, trying to capture those aspects of personality that make people so very fascinating.

Through observation and swift, impromptu sketches, she identifies the minute facial gestures and angles of posture that express character, emotion and attitude. These traits are represented through paint: the colour, texture and density of the paint.

Essentially, she is not interested in creating a representational portrait, but exploring and exploiting the quality of paint. For this reason, she uses Michael Harding oil paints because of their superior quality and colour.

Coming to the end of a painting session, she cleans her palette by scraping the paint off with a knife onto sheets of paper from the local telephone directory, leaving these sheets hanging to dry on the studio wall.

These scraps of paper will later form the basis of a new painting, the surplus paint from which will be scraped onto another piece of paper
The painting process thus becomes self-perpetuating.

Mixed media
15 x 21cm

Mixed media
26 x 38cm

Portrait of a woman
Mixed media
24 x 32cm

Portrait IV
38 x 23cm
Mixed media

Mixed media
10 x 27cm

Mixed media
22 x 32cm

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