Fran Williams

Fran Williams lives and works in her birthplace of Swansea, Wales having completed her BA Illustration in 2008. Fran's paintings begin from a place of instinctive experimentation and mark making with paint and surface. Through a continual process of mark making and colour glazing, she builds an idea of the figure and pose that will inhabit the scene. Her scenes are nearly always inspired by photographs of the sky, the sea or city streets.

"I don't give that much time or energy to detail of figures. I instinctively focus on what I like to call the overall 'sound' of a painting....I like to think that the viewer will complete the story by simply feeling the paint and letting the energy wash over them."

Her paintings represent the continual physical and emotional changes we experience in this life. Evocative figures appear from the depth of Fran's oil paintings, working in layers of paint her subjects are partially obscured and almost ghostly.
Her work aims to reveal the beauty in both past and present providing a sense of both strength and vulnerability in her contemporary portraiture.

"It's an ongoing never ending process of ideas, happy accidents, discoveries, thoughts, feeling and energy. It's difficult to explain and even more difficult to put into words... so I guess that's why I paint instead."

Since graduating, Fran has exhibited extensively throughout the UK and Europe including Bristol, Swansea, Copenhagen and Edinburgh, and was the artist in residence 2008-09 at Swansea Metropolitan University

Such beauty awaits
Oil and acrylic
120 x 76 cm

The Reminder
40 x 30cm

To re-awaken
40 x 30 cm

The only reason to look back is to see how far you've come
Oil and acrylic
40 x 30 cm

Through the looking glass
Oil and acrylic
50 x 50 cm

Oil and Acrylic
40 x 40 cm

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