Lisa-Marie Tann

Lisa-Marie Tann lives and works in Cardiff, South Wales, staying after completing her degree in ceramic and design at Howard Gardens. As with many artists, she combines her arts practice with teaching, and throughout her career has enjoyed teaching art within a variety of educational environments.
Lisa-Marie is also a founder member of Cardiff Arts Collective and is actively involved in organising arts events and exhibitions.
Throughout her arts career she has always been interested in the combination of photography, printmaking and ceramics, inspired from early days of foundation based learning and experimentation.

There is a love of the alchemy of ceramics, the combination of unlikely materials and both the magical and scientific results that can be achieved through chance and judgment, and the reaction the materials have on each other.
Texture, imagery and colour are three elements, which are vital to the work, achieved by multi-layering, numerous firings and the combination of applied slips, glazes, metals and glass. A keen walker, her ceramic landscapes are of encountered views and often include found objects collected in the area.
Her latest work is inspired by the exposed layers of textured rock, a visual diary of the history of our earth, like rings in a tree trunk, the strata in the cliffs found in south Wales are not just evidence of the constant changing nature of our landscapes but an insight into the past. She aims to make work, which asks to be held and felt; hoping to create and suggest glimpses of familiar landscapes and textures of our surroundings, which need to be explored.

Stoneware glaze slip decals metals





Snow on Pen y Fan
Stoneware glaze slip decals metals

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