Michael Hall

Mike Hall was born in 1960, Barry, South Wales. He attended the Cardiff School of Art & Design.
Following his studies Hall moved to London and worked for several prestigious agencies as an illustrator. Using both traditional and digital techniques he produced work for a wide range of commercial applications from studio concept artist to publishing and advertising. Following the establishment of his own successful business as a commercial artist he recently returned to his home roots in the Vale of Glamorgan where he now concentrates on his love of fine art. The Welsh coastline, and landscape in general, has played an important part in his life and many of his abstract paintings reflect and draw on this relationship.
'Having moved back to my roots, I have the perfect observation platform to study the ever changing mood and atmosphere of the coast. Add to that the geological diversity here and you have an endless source of inspiration…’
This affinity with the landscape allows Hall to create images that blend literal references with memories from the past and present observations - inspirational snapshots that straddle both and meet somewhere in the middle.
His latest series of works in oil convey the luminosity and relationship of land, sea and air. Hall is strongly influenced by works that explore this area, in particular Turner. Hall’s images are about defining the organic nature of pigment and texture while at the same time alluding to light, form and energy.
‘Starting with an initial concept, the experimentation with medium, texture and application will often suggest a literal reference. I then use this reveal to build upon and allow the composition to develop without too much constraint…’

Sully moors
60 x 60 cm

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