Alan Knight

Born in Manchester in 1949, a former musician, Alan Knight returned to his first love, painting, after studying art at Salford University in the late eighties. His paintings reveal a passionate and emotional evocation of place and a delight in the physical stuff of paint. Having painted in an abstract manner for several years Alan gradually felt the need for his art to be ďrooted in the realĒ and moved to a representational form of expression, focusing on land and seascapes.

After trying various techniques and mediums down the years he eventually discovered that knife painting in oil was best suited to his temperament. "I want a result quickly, in one session, and knife painting enables a speedy process. Iíve found that deliberating over a work and being too hesitant always produces a lifeless, uninspired result. Having the confidence to abandon ones inhibitions and paint in the white heat of inspiration and excitement does not come easy. It took me years to untangle myself and begin to relish and enjoy the pleasure of painting and to forget about the finished work, just to enjoy the process. I tend not to think too much when I paint".

He is passionate about the painting process and always needs to be excited by a subject before beginning painting in order to convey to the viewer the sense and pleasure that he has felt in making the painting. Formerly a member of Vernon Mill Artistís collective in Stockport, he recently relocated to Anglesey which is the subject of many of his paintings.

"Of course if art is in your blood it will always surface throughout your life. The creative urge canít be suppressed, it must be expressed. I take inspiration from the visual world. When outside I can see paintings everywhere. Back in my studio the process begins of transforming, distilling what I have seen into an original, personal vision in oil paint. In the end itís a question of feeling and response."

Garden Flowers
50 x 60 cm

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