Huw Tregaron

My work and its relationship to the land.

It is all sacred. Every hill and every valley. Our land is a living thing, not a grave of forgetfulness under our feet. Every hill has its history, every locality its own romance, every part of the landscape wears its own particular glory. And to a Welshman, no other country can be like this. A Welshman feels that the struggles of his forefathers have sanctified every field, and the genius of his people has transformed every mountain into hallowed ground. And it is feeling like this that will make him a true citizen.

Ar ymylon Cors Caron/ On the edge of Cors Caron
Mixed media
29 x 18cm

Ffair Rhos
Mixed media
34 x 17cm

Caeau Ty'n Domen / Ty'n Domen's fields
Mixed media
29 x 18cm

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